Tyler Russell RIT

After graduating from Livonia High School, Tyler continued his education and lacrosse career at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Coach Jake Coon reflects on Tyler’s distinguished years at RIT and says, “scoring 122 goals in only 2 seasons makes Tyler one of the best pure finishers RIT has ever had. His 69 goals in a season still stands as the most in a single season in RIT history.” Coach Coon adds, “Tyler also had grown into a great coach and mentor in the club and college community. It is great to see a local player excel like he has.”

After graduating from the Saunders School of Business at RIT with a 3.26 GPA, Tyler went on to work in the finance industry from 2012-2014. Throughout that time, he was still heavily involved with lacrosse, helping out at his alma mater (Livonia) and volunteering with ROC E6’s inner-city lacrosse program. He also spent the 2016-2017 season as a Volunteer Assistant coach at Division 1, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), primarily working with the goalies and offense.

In the fall of 2014, Tyler decided he wanted to invest more of his time into the sport, so he began working with Building Blocks Lacrosse (BBL), located in central New Jersey. From 2014-2017 Tyler learned the ins and outs of the lacrosse industry, ultimately leading to his role as the Director of their Youth Program. During his time at BBL, he saw the program reach new heights, winning multiple tournaments at the youth level and also sending a team to Denver for the World Series of Youth Lacrosse. In addition to running the youth program, he also founded BBL’s Box Lacrosse program, which was one of the first authentic box experiences for players in the area.

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