Coaches Portal

Who: 110 dedicated coaches

What: Online membership site

When: October 1 2018-September 30 2019

Why: To provide a better experience for your kids

For coaches in a niche sport, we fall victim to not having a enough information, not knowing how to access that information efficiently, and then not knowing how to implement it.

Are you convinced you have the perfect man up play for this year’s roster, but cannot remember where you drew it up?

Maybe you’re someone who wishes they could go to one of the coaches conventions, but can’t make the trip in the winter.

Have you ever gotten lost on YouTube? One face off instructional video leads to a big wave surfing video which leads to a Game of Thrones spoiler video.

We know there is information on YouTube, from an old notebook, and at conventions but we need to be able to access that information quickly. Everyone has other things to do then search.

The sooner we have the information, the sooner we can use it.

The better the information, the better the results.

The 412 Coaches Portal is designed to provide you with player development and game day strategies that will dramatically improve your team.

How will the 412 Portal support you this season?

  • Video Library: drills, sets, and theory
  • Webinars like our Podcasts but turbo charged
  • The Lab: what do we do if we have this personnel and the other team is doing that
  • The Coaches Room: community support and networking
  • First year members will have a life long discount to the forthcoming 412 Web Summit
  • Equipment and team clothing discounts

Do you listen to our podcast? Right now there are over 90 episodes posted and almost all of them are with college coaches. We spent the majority of time talking with them about why they coach. Wait until those coaches come back to the Portal to discuss the How on webinars.

We will cap membership at 110 coaches so you’ll know not everyone will have access to what you’re consuming.

This is an incredible sport when people are getting better and enjoying the game. The better you can make your players, the more they will enjoy more they will want to play.

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Bonus Opportunity: 8 spots for Predator Elite Coaches Room

If you’re a coach with a 9-5 job, would it be useful to have one more person on staff to work during the day on your team?

The next level of remote coaching is here.

Extra set of eyes on your:

  • game film
  • practice film
  • scout film
  • practice and game plans
  • guest coaching at February training if your schedule permits
  • guest coaching this fall ball if schedule permits

In addition to film review, you’ll get the following with Predator Elite Coaches Room

  • 1 hour video call each month
  • Recording of our call (video or MP3)
  • A specific list of action items for you each month
  • Contact us via private Slack channel when you need help (or have questions)
  • Access to our network + connections

This is an application only program. I need to make sure you have enough film to share and our schedules align so I can be on site in either the fall or early spring.

After you register for the 412 Coaches Portal, you will be contacted regarding your Predator application.