Yale Endline Look Against USA

East west pick near GLE frees the feeder’s hands for a look to the crease.

Presuming this is off the end line based on where the ref is standing.

Based on the speed of the ball carrier, this doesn’t exactly feel like dodge or feed option but a straight feed to the crease or hold on to the ball to reset in 6v6.

The pace of the dodge heading into the pick seems to lull the defender to sleep a bit.

While the pick doesn’t free up the attackman completely, there is now space for a hands free feed. Combine a quality screen on the crease and the goalie is turning and raking.

Convincing players they can make plays when they feel covered is a challenge. Show them film. Ask them to play serious box lacrosse.

Could teams use screens to change match ups or is the field too big thus giving defenses time to fight through a screen?

Full highlights here from the Lacrosse Analytics team.

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