World Series of Youth Lacrosse Championship Game Highlights and Event Notes

If you didn’t watch, here are some highlights.

This national event was dangerously close to have four New York teams in the semi finals.

Maybe we’re just bitter because Pittsburgh teams would have to qualify through the east region instead of the midwest region which generously includes everything from Ohio to North Dakota.

If you’re an MLL player, are you frustrated or indifferent when you see a youth game on ESPN?

Last year we watched the game on television. This year, we didn’t watch at all.

Last year, the teams got new Warrior and Brine gloves. This year, both teams sported the Burn Pro gloves. Perhaps, Warrior/Brine allocated their marketing dollars to the world teams.

Lots of teams were wearing New Balance reversibles.

Will a new Warrior helmet arrive for 2019?

Another summer, another opportunity to ask, does New Balance care about Brine anymore? Here’s Rob Pannell showing off his Warrior gloves on Instagram from August 2017. He’s worn Warrior gloves for awhile and used a Warp despite being a Brine athlete.

On to the highlights.

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