Why You Should Consider Zone at the HS Level

Some teams switch to a zone because they are trying to slow the game down to stop a run. A white flag of sorts.

We like to use a zone to set the tone of the game rather than it be a reactionary thing. We tell our kids that the offense is going to have to beat us doing what we want to do rather than us trying to stop them.

Here are a few more reasons why you might like to add a zone defense to your game.

1. We’ve heard and now believe that you need to be able to string at least four good decisions (passes) together to generate a good shot. How many high school offenses can do that routinely?

2. Getting back to point one, most high school teams aren’t practicing against a zone defense every day so there is an adjustment period for them on game day.

3. Because teams don’t practice against a zone defense often, when the word gets out that you are running zone, your competition has to spend time in practice preparing for you. Instead of worrying about them, they are worried about you.

4. High school kids struggle to shoot the ball. Even if you have an average goalie the more packed in nature of most zones can generate more shots from the outside. The more committed you are to running a specific zone defense, the more the goalie will see shots from a specific area on the field. He will invariably get more comfortable making those saves.

If your kids are smart enough to mix and match zone and man, look out. It happened to us a few years ago and we thought our kids heads were going to explode.

You don’t get a ton of settled 6v6 looks from Wesleyan here but anytime you give up 6 goals to Salisbury you have to feel good about yourself.

Goal 1 – outside

Goal 2 – outside

Goal 3 – outside

Goal 4 – inside feed

Goal 5 – could argue for outside

Goal 6 – transition, outside

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