Warrior Warp Mini Review

Findings after about two minutes with the latest from Warrior.

Visited a Pittsburgh ComLax store this morning to test out the Warrior Warp.

Unfortunately they only had a bounce back so there wasn’t any shooting today.

Going in to the test, I had heard from one player that the stick had very little hold. Very another player, I heard the ball hit the plastic on throws.

I didn’t try anything to wild from a stick handling point of view to test out the pocket’s ability to hold the ball. I’d like to believe constantly moving your feet as a ball carrier is better stick protection/hold than pocket depth/grip but if you can’t toe drag with confidence than that might be a significant issue.

All passes thrown were with a choked up grip and mostly push passes off the collar bone. Didn’t really trust myself/the head to reach back and throw a normal pass. (The bounce back is set up in the middle of the store. Didn’t need to launch the ball into a wall of hockey equipment I didn’t intend to purchase.)

The first several passes with what I believe was the low pocket model came out smoothly and quickly. The first several passes felt natural as if I had a normal mesh pocket. Of course as soon as I recalled the “hits plastic report,” the next few passes flew off the top of the stick. The ball still moved forward at pace. The next couple of passes did not hit the plastic. So, if they are pushing consistency as a reason to purchase the stick, my throwing mechanics either changed during the session or the pocket is not consistent. (I’ve always identified a pocket that results in the ball hitting the plastic as being a flawed pocket.)

Switched over the mid pocket and got the same result. Some balls raced off the plastic. Some did not.

A ComLax store employee said he believed Warrior is going to release a girls version and two more boys versions perhaps at lower price points. This technology seems like it could be revolutionary from a standpoint of lowering the learning curve for parents and young players. The stick seems ready to go right out of the box unlike most factory strung heads you’re going to find at a big box sporting goods store.

ComLax is selling the head for $249.99. Not sure how many they received in the first wave, but the store employee said they only had one low pocket left in stock.



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