Warrior Warp High Pocket

The third Warp lands.



First thing I noticed right out of the box is that the polypropylene is a lot softer than the mid and low pockets which is great. It has the same 2 “shooters” but the style of the diamonds changed.

After using it for about an hour I noticed a few major changes.

Hold: For those of you who complained about the hold on the mid and low pockets, Warrior heard you. The high pocket warp has twice as much hold. I can throw my perfect fakes again, shoot sidearm, and do my toe drags without ever dropping the ball. Also, since the polypropylene is softer the ball doesn’t move around as much and sits tight when cradling, passing, and shooting.

Click: Also, it seems as if they took a little bit of the click away from the high pocket. The passes and shots are still deadly accurate and consistent.

I thought that the Mid pocket Warp was perfect, and this high pocket totally topped it. This truly is the greatest head I’ve ever used. Warrior did an absolutely perfect job on this.

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