Warrior Warp and Crying Jordan

Another stunning internet production.

Tyler Pace was one of the first souls to use a Warrior Warp in competition so there were a lot of eyes on the Denver product over the course of the spring. No one would have predicted he’d get hit with a Jordan face video following the Pioneers loss to Towson in the playoffs.

@that_kiwi_guy also ruined Sergio Perkovic’s post season performance with this Star Wars video.

Seems like none of the Warrior sponsored athletes used in the initial promotional wave use the product. Rabil not using it, or at least not using it in an advertising bit, is a blow as well. However, due to a low amount of whip and the relative “out of the box” readiness of the product it would be something I’ll recommend to youth/new players in the future if Warrior can come up with a Warp at a lower price point. They might end up making more money selling an entry level Warp for newbies.

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