Warrior Helmets for Virginia, Princeton, Plus New Whites for the Terps

A couple different helmets on the field for the Wahoos.

You’ve already seen the Warrior helmet in UVA’s locker.

@warriorlax helmet for UVA 📸: @vlclax

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Now, we get to see it on the field. Interesting to note, at least one UVA athlete is still wearing a Cascade helmet. In fact, the first Cavalier in the highlight package (0:53) is sporting an R.

Also, Maryland debuted white shells with white face masks.


Shout out to the Terp who thinks he’s in the MLL at the 0:25 mark.

Is Maryland wearing the most blue collar reversible of 2016? Note the dramatically different chest number size.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.17.15 PM


Back to the Warrior helmet situation…

Boston University recently showed off white Cascade Rs in practice. They are a Warrior team. They were in a similar situation last year when they switched from matte grey Warrior helmets to matte grey Cascades.

White @cascade_lacrosse for @bostonu

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Of course, you should already know about Michigan’s switch and many Princeton athletes in Rs last spring due to a rash of concussions.

Congrats to Team Captain Kip Orban '15 on earning unanimous First Team All-Ivy honors.

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But, just a month ago, all Princeton Tigers in this photo were wearing Warrior lids.

Coach Mouradian coaching up @princetonlax before some scrimmaging #InCrosse

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That chap in the foreground can’t feel comfortable wearing a T2. Not because it is a Warrior helmet, but because that helmet is not the latest in head safety available to him.

What’s the end game for companies entering the lacrosse helmet market? Do companies truly believe they can fight for helmet market share or are they just trying to keep a few bucks away from Cascade? If it is the later, when do you suspect Under Armour or adidas attempts to release their helmet? If you’re a D2 or D3 team and STX or Warrior offered helmets to you at a cheaper price than the Cascade R, are you thinking about going down that path? A surplus of funds could be used to pay another assistant or take a longer road to play better competition which could in turn result in greater success for the program which line that coach up for a higher paying gig down the road.

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