Warrior Evo Pro Glove Costs Less Than the Rabil Glove?

Well, this is fascinating. A glove that may be so far ahead of all other gloves on the market costs less than an older glove made by the same company.

Lax.com has the season old Rabil glove at $239 while the brand new Evo Pro glove checks in at $219.

What does the older Rabil glove that the new high end Evo Pro doesn’t? (The Evo Pro glove is only available in stock white, grey, and black options at least for now. Might be safe to assume they aren’t going to bother with adding the standard red, royal blue, and navy. Not a giant deal as white gloves have completely infiltrated lacrosse culture. Grey might be next.)

After hearing feedback from the summer and feeling the new glove in person a month ago, the expectation was this would be Warrior’s most expensive glove available. Insert Lee Corse phrase here. Perhaps, Warrior found a way to craft a technologically advanced glove for less. No matter. If you have the option of purchasing your own gloves this year and can afford a $200+ pair, treat yourself to the Evo Pro.

Here’s what Lax.com is saying about the product using very lax bro phrasing:

The Warrior Evo Pro glove uses a revolutionary new dial down system called BOA to adjust the fit of the glove with invisible chords that wrap around the top of your hand and pull the glove tight with the simple twist of the dial.   We have not been this excited about a glove in a long time.  Slip them on, make a twist and the glove just locks down to the preferred tightness for a truly unique and custom fit and feel.  There is nothing else like it on the market.

The craftsmanship of the new Evo Pro glove is amazing. It had better be for $219 right?  Well, as you will see this coming season, these were the choice of not only the Pro guys… but also the top seeded national contenders.  We know these are mad cash, but if you demand the best fitting, highest quality, and nicest palm on the market.. then look no further.  The Evo Pro gloves are the new gold standard and we’re not sure if anyone is gonna be able to catch Warrior on this one.

With features like the BOA fit system and the new Pro Palm this glove feels like an extension of your arm.  You will be amazed at your ball handling and freedom of movement when you can dial something down like this so that the fit is truly custom and unique to you preference.  If you got the cash…Warrior has the glove !!!


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