Video: Hopkins 15 Navy 8

Highlights from a surprisingly high scoring game at Hopkins.

That thing Tinney did is at the 4:39 mark.

Ryan Danehy (In Your Face Lax) on Hopkins after their first game:

They are going to go far but their midfield depth worries me.  So many people talk about how depth is good and that running 15 guys is a good thing – I think it’s a sign that they don’t “trust” anyone right now. I’d rather play 3-4 than 7-9

Typically the ESPNU season opener is Hopkins versus Sister’s of the Poor. The game is played in 39 degree weather at Homewood. Hopkins struggles to score 9 goals but wins. Unseasonably warm weather in Baltimore treated the viewing audience to 23 total goals and the aforementioned hidden ball trick.

ESPN has to know better than to put to color commentary guys together and ask one to do the play by play. Quint and Carc over each other a bunch during this highlight package. So while the game must have been more enjoyable than previous season openers, the actual viewing experience was not a treat. Play by play announcing is very challenging especially in a fast moving sport like lacrosse. Just have someone with professional training on the call.

Box score.

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