Tufts the Latest Victim of #cascadecurse

The #cascadecurse is unforgiving and unflinching in dishing out punishment.

Tufts: First Time Victim

Of course, after we called out Stevenson’s horrific helmet decal setup, they beat Tufts at home last night.

When you can't beat Tufts on the field so you try to have more American helmet decals

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Tufts will no longer be the #1 D3 team in all the land. Check STX Twitter to see if they ever acknowledged the Jumbos for being the best team wearing their helmets. STX hasn’t really promoted any of their non-D1 teams wearing their helmet.

Did you know this how Stevenson takes the field?


Duke isn’t technically a victim of the #cascadecurse because they didn’t switch from Cascade to STX/Schutt. Doesn’t mean their loss last night didn’t count.

How many games end with a 3 on 1 break from the restraining line?

Folks seem to be very annoyed that the play wasn’t blown dead with an injured Duke player laying face first on the ground.

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