Team 91 Redodge Drill

Suck the defense out with a back pedal and go.

Feel like the back pedal to redodge combo would be extremely effective against an overzealous offensive middie trapped on defense. He thinks he’s won the initial one on one match up as the back pedal begins, lunges, and tries to check the stick head giving up his top foot.

A Minnesota high school coach introduced us to this drill a few years ago when he was preparing a middie for college fall ball. Cool to see it being used in New York in 2016.

Want to take a really effective dive back in time? Find film from six years ago. Use that team’s EMO looks. Everyone forgets what used to work on EMO.

(How much practice time do you devote to EMO? Not scoring man up is one of the most frustrating things or the most frustrating thing as a coach?)

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