Summer Time Zone Defense

Yesterday, US Lacrosse posted an article about a tournament team using a zone defense.

The phrasing they used was very interesting:

One team ran exclusively a zone defense in every game for an entire tournament, leading them to the semi-finals of the event they were participating in. Interestingly enough, not a single defender from that team was committed to play college lacrosse, and not a single college coach on the sidelines was interested in any of the defenders.

This sounds a lot like US Lacrosse is anti-summer time zone.

There’s at least one larger tournament that has gone as far banning zone defenses.

The Facebook post comment section is perhaps more interesting as some folks were in favor and some were against the defensive strategy.

Anti zone:

Playing a zone in summer lacrosse tournaments means that the coaches aren’t teaching individual defensive techniques to the players. During the summer, it shouldn’t be about winning games but about teaching the kids how to get better.

Pro zone:

Good for the team! Not always about being recruited- nice to see the team could play zone defense and do it well enough to make it to semifinals. Shows good team ball. Must have been a lot of talking going on with those defenders! Obviously the coach new how to use what he had ! Kudos to the coach and the team.

What’s your stance on zone in the summer?

Full article here includes some other summer ideas.

Player to parent (immediately after being congratulated on winning the championship): “I wish we could just play. Coach has us running set play after set play, with no room for creativity or making our own decisions. On defense we run a zone too much and nobody really gets to play except for the goalie, seeing 12-yard shots. It’s like we’re robots and coach doesn’t let us do anything not planned out and practiced over and over.”

Hard to believe a high school or youth athlete had an articulate monologue ready to go moments after winning a title or ever.

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