Stop Saying Brennan O’Neill is the Next Grant Junior

A memo to myself.

Six days ago, ECD posted this video of the #1 ranked 2020 in the land.

The willingness to soak contact and snappy stick work looks so incredibly Canadian it hurts.

When I found out O’Neill is 6’2″ 230lbs, the only logical comparison was John Grant Junior.

That’s hilarious, because Junior is one of the best players of all time and it is unfair to put that kind of hype on a…junior in high school.

Not everyone who is dubbed the next one grows up to be The Next One.

Yesterday, this video dropped and now we know it is not only unfair to compare O’Neill to Junior, it is also wrong.

Why is it wrong?

When you think of a John Grant Junior highlight, you think of a defender holding onto him for dear life before a BTB goal is scored.

The first O’Neill highlight from this event was a one handed goal through traffic that couldn’t have been more Junior-esque, but this latest highlight package includes something that Junior doesn’t do.

Shoot from the outside.

Dirty secret…most Canadians don’t have that skill set because it is so frowned upon in box.

O’Neill didn’t score just once from long distance.

He did it twice.

O’Neill isn’t John Grant Junior.

In the narrow prism of the above highlight package, he might be better.

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