Spice Up Your 222 Motion with a Sweep

Mild level of spice.

Be honest, have you seen many 222 offenses lately.

But, surely you have seen the classic two triangle motion offense out of another formation.

Now, consider that offense but instead of dodging down the alley, we use a sweep to give our middie dodger more of the field to work with.

We’d prefer a shot coming off of a sweep than a down hill alley dodge.

The shallow cut could also result in the defense switching on ball defenders which could be to our advantage.

Believe it was @JoeKeegs who said something like, the alley dodge is the long range jumper in basketball. They are difficult to make but only worth two points.

For basketball purposes, you might as well step back another couple of feet for a three ball.

For lacrosse purposes, work for a better shot than down the alley. Too many times high school kids shoot an on the run shot down the alley when they feel open.


Thanks for the overhand bounce shot from 15 yards out because you were hands free.

St. Vincent head coach Peter Tulk told us, after watching a similar shot in the Pittsburgh high school playoffs, I tell my kids if you didn’t score or you’re not on the ground after you shot…you shot too soon.

At least if a kid pulls up early during a sweep, there’s more of the net to hit.

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