Ryan Brown World Game Highlights

24 of the 25 goals Ryan Brown accumulated in the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships.┬áReally can’t say enough about this guy, he’s debatably the greatest shooter of all-time and he came in clutch for Team USA down the stretch in these games. Enjoy.

As a friend correctly pointed out, Canada will never develop anyone like Ryan Brown.

In Canada’s defense, Brown might be the first American that can score from that far out with both hands.

Additionally, the Canadians counter to not being able to develop outside shooters is of course their ability to create shots inside. Americans, to their credit, are also beginning to play more box lacrosse so that gap is narrowing a bit.

Long story short, the World Games was a coming out party for the former Marquette volunteer assistant. When the roster was announced, it was strange that a left handed attackman wasn’t chosen.

Did anyone at the time know that Ryan Brown could shoot that well with both hands?

Here’s an article from June detailing Brown’s journey to the roster.

Surely, no one expected 25 goals and the iconic low to high marker that tied the finals.

He’s here now.

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