Reactions from Ohio State at Hopkins

My third ever D1 game in person.

According to a google search of am I millennial, I am a millennial. That means I don’t go to live sporting events. I want access to climate controlled conditions, my MacBook, reliable internet, my iPhone, the refridgertor, and the ability to switch channels at will. I don’t want to sit in post game traffic or purchase expensive dry stadium food. I especially don’t want to sit next to drunk strangers.

Thanks to my father’s career, I grew up in the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs locker rooms and respective stadiums.  Going to a regular season sporting event just doesn’t interest me anymore because the excitement has long ago faded.

I watch lacrosse much differently than I watch college football. I need to watch lacrosse to learn Xs and Os. I watch Alabama football, because I appreciate greatness. Because of being a millennial plus the aforementioned reason for watching lacrosse, I’ve only attended three D1 games.  I’ve seen Hopkins play at Loyola during Rabil’s junior or senior year, High Point at Robert Morris, and now Ohio State at Hopkins.

Some notes from this weekend’s Big 10 contest:

  • Lacrosse is a niche sport played by niche sport athletes. Consider that the #1 recruit in the nation just told UNC lacrosse see ya later for Stanford football. However, television doesn’t do justice to the size of the kids playing. Most high school defensemen aren’t 6’1″ and yet two attackmen for Hopkins are listed at 6’2″ and 6’5″. If you’re someone who is interested in playing in college, seeing a D1 game in person should be mandatory to help dispel any misguided notions of talent, size, and ability.
  • Hopkins fans began whining for stall calls as soon as the Hopkins coaching staff started asking for it. (The fans complain about literally every call or non call.) Hard to be a ref at Homewood if you’re near the Hopkins bench.
  • Joel Tinney in transition is edge of your seat stuff. Like Crosby on a breakaway. It felt like everyone in Homewood stood up when he took off in space.
  • More Tinney: he tries to do a running start in from the face off wing. Depending upon the ref’s cadence, he gets a great advantage. Because two refs have to watch the face off, the third ref cannot watch both face off wings at once. Even if Tinney cheats the wing, there’s a chance the ref won’t see it.
  • The game was tight until an Ohio State defensive middie took a shot on the run after a well earned stand. Hopkins went on a quick spurt that was too much for the young Buckeyes offense.
  • Hopkins got smacked on face offs 8-27. During a first quarter stoppage, all three faceoff men were taking draws with a coach or perhaps injured player.
  • Scott Marr, Albany head coach and father of Hopkins attackman, Kyle Marr, was in attendance wearing a Hopkins hat and Albany vest.
  • Apparently Hopkins has over 80 man up plays. They were 1 for 3 against OSU.
  • Hopkins band sounds very much like a D3 school band performing at a spring sport event, which is to say, there are like seven people in the band.
  • Hopkins went back into the locker room at halftime. Ohio State stayed outside. They spent the first portion of half talking, then throwing around, then finished with dynamic stretching.
  • Petro is the biggest human being alive.

Despite bitter cold and likely being surrounded by delusional Ravens/Capitals fans, I enjoyed the game. However, I’ll still pick the television, iPad, MacBook set up over dry pit beef sandwiches at Homewood.

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