RD412XO Playbook Presents: Golden State's ATO Rip

As 2017 approaches, we are excited to launch our RD412XO Playbook featuring former Michigan assistant Ryan Danehy. RD412XO will feature plays and drills in various stages of completion to help your team have a Houston Rockets like resurgence in 2017.

Many set plays we share will in fact be borrowed from the basketball world thanks to FastModel Sports and Half Court Hoops which share plays from the NBA and college hoop world on a regular basis. Of course, due to the differences of the goal in lacrosse and the hoop in basketball, not every basketball play is worthwhile to consider for lacrosse. Our first play is borrowed from the Golden State Warriors. Just a quick note here, ATO stands for “after timeout,” meaning the lacrosse version of this play might also be best out of a timeout to set personnel or as the opening play of the quarter. Not a basketball guy except when Indiana is winning meaningful games so I had to google rip which is something FastModel Sports calls a back screen.

In the video, you’ll find clips in the following order:

  1. ATO Rip on the court against Memphis in the 2015 Western Conference semifinals, the Warriors actually run it twice in less than a minute, although the second time the cutter takes a slightly different bath to the basket
  2. ATO Rip on the basketball white board
  3. ATO Rip on the lacrosse white board

The second video includes RD discussing the lacrosse mutation of the ATO Rip. We suggest watching both if you’re serious about lacrosse X’s and O’s or curious about how a former D1 offensive coordinator thinks when I send him basketball plays to translate to the lacrosse pitch.

More to come from the RD412XO shop.

Nightmare scenario would be someone running a RD412XO play against us, but then we’d just tweet #growthegame and feel good about it.

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