Pittsburgh D1 Semifinals More Notes

More details from last night’s semifinals at Seneca Valley.

  • Might have been the best lacrosse weather possible which is strange because the games took place in Harmony, Pennsylvania, a region notorious for Raider Weather. Softball games were rained out in Hampton. Somehow the lacrosse games were treated to sun and tolerable temperatures.
  • Someone made a deal with the devil however, as Weather.coms 5 day forecast suggests Friday will feature a high of 90 with a low 65 and a 50% chance of rain. That rain is predicted to be morning thunderstorms.
  • North Allegheny Athletics website game recap
  • North Allegheny and Shady Side combined to score 7 goals. They managed to score 0 in the third quarter and 4 in the fourth quarter including 2 goals 26 second apart.
  • As predicted Jack Kairys (North Allegheny) drew the Clayton Krol assignment (Shady Side/High Point). Kairys effectively eliminated Krol in the highly touted match up between 2017s with Last Names Beginning with the Letter K. The problem for North Allegheny was when Krol got away from Kairys. During a dodge by Max Jaffee, Kairys slid to Jaffee and Greg Ferringer was unable to contain Krol. Later in the game, a short stick was trying to shut Krol who may have been subbed through the box. Krol eventually shed the shut off and scored as the NA defense was scrambling. This second goal was a pivotal goal to tie the game at 3-3 late in the fourth quarter. It is a shame Shady Side is moving to a different section next year, but we can only hope SSA and NA are scheduled in the 2017 regular season or meet again in the post season.
  • Peyton Lane (Shady Side/Amherst) was on the man up unit. Not many poles in Pittsburgh have a playoff man up goal on their resume.

  • Blake Goodman (Shady Side/Richmond) made every save he was supposed to make. North Allegheny shooters made it very easy for him by shooting from outside of 12 yards. A LaxPower post suggested that the 3 goals Goodman allowed in the fourth quarter may have been a direct result of sun.
  • North Allegheny goalie Ean Kuska made an inhuman save on a 2 on 1 breakaway in the second quarter.
  • North Allegheny got goals from unexpected places. Trevor Saundry, Dillon Bugni, Jono Pelusi, and Matt Osten¬†accounted for 22 goals heading into the game. Bigni and Pelusi had scored 3 times each.
  • Shady Side had a chance to tie the game with 1:17 left. They called a timeout with the ball coming off the North Allegheny endline. After the timeout, Shady Side missed a connecting pass to Krol who was being shut off. The Tigers picked up the ground ball and ultimately milked the final seconds thanks in part to a slashing penalty.
  • The one personnel match up we missed was Nick Tommasi (Mt. Lebanon/Providence) covering Adam Reimer (Pine Richland/Seton Hill). Mt. Lebanon bumped up Tommasi to cover 6’2″ Thomas Hanulak. Patrick McAnally, a natural lefty, drew the Reimer assignment. Unofficially, we had Hanulak down for 2 goals and Reimer with 2 goals and 2 assists. Hanulak scored his second to make it 6-5 near the end of the second quarter but Dan Lee would answer to restore Mt. Lebanon’s two goal cushion heading into halftime.¬†Both match ups were physical and fun to watch.
  • Mt. Lebanon used at least three different face off looks against Jake Freedlander including Nick Tommasi in the second half. The big 2018 Ram scored in the 3rd quarter off of a clean face off win forward but looked tired late in the game. Freedlander rarely wins the ball out to the wings instead opting to win it to himself. Understandable for the big fella to be a little tired late in a game with 20+ total goals on the board. Have to be curious about the match up between Freedlander and Shady Side’s Chris Woodings in the consolation game.
  • Pine tried a pressure zone defense against Mt. Lebanon. Not sure they’ve used it before but if they go back to it against Shady Side or use it again in 2017 they could have a nice wrinkle. To beat a zone defense, an offense needs at least 4 players who can read, react, be unselfish enough to draw and dump, and ultimately score the ball. Mt. Lebanon fits that description.
  • Connor Brumfield continued his post season inside finishing mastery with this twister/crippler off the feed from Dan Lee. Legitimate box instruction yielding results.

  • Pine and Shady Side meet in the consolation game Thursday at Peters Township. The winner advances to the state playoffs.
  • Way ahead 2017 section projections and player watch lists will follow the WPIAL finals.
  • Three semifinalists (North Allegheny, Shady Side, Pine Richland) were from the same section. In 2017, Shady Side will be in Section 2. North Allegheny and Pine Richland will be in Section 3. Mt. Lebanon stays in Section 1.

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