Part Two: The Social Media Myth

Twitter exposure won’t help you get recruited.

Do you know the life span of a tweet?

Would you have guessed 18 minutes? Some research suggests it is even less than that brief moment.

The good news is that, as we discussed yesterday, unless folks are doing a deep dive into your tweets and/or screen grabbing, nobody is seeing your questionable tweets.

The bad news is that no one seeing your great tweets unless they are staring at their phone within that tweet’s lifespan.

What does these mean from a lacrosse standpoint?

Your highlight video that you tweeted isn’t being seen.

There’s a very good chance that college coaches aren’t following you on Twitter.

Coaches aren’t waiting for someone to retweet a highlight tape of a hidden gem.

They have more important things to do. This means that your highlight tape isn’t being discovered on Twitter which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you’re relying entirely on Twitter to help you be recruited.

Sharing your video to the public is only part of the recruiting process.


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