Part Three: The Social Media Myth

YouTube views are meaningless.

Anybody remember this young man?

That video has over 11 million views.

Cody Paul didn’t make it major college football.

If you had to guess who was a committed athlete between an athlete with a highlight tape with over 50,000 YouTube views and an athlete with a highlight tape with over 4,000 views, who would you pick?

Tehoka’s video which dropped this August has over 50,000 views. He is the #19 ranked 2016 by Ty Xanders and is currently uncommitted.

Ethan Walker’s highlight tape which admittedly is far less visually stunning only has 4600 views. Walker is the #2 2016 in the country and committed to Denver.

This doesn’t mean that one player is better than the other. Attention on social media doesn’t mean you are destined for stardom or more importantly that the right people are even watching you play.

Number of views is meaningless.

Who is viewing the video is what counts.

Sharing your video to YouTube or Vimeo is just one part of the recruiting process.

We recommended using which is a recruiting platform that allows you to know what colleges are actually viewing your highlights. (The platform does a lot more than that if you’re going to spend the time and money on recruiting software LR is you’re only option.)

If you’re not going to use LacrosseRecruits, be sure to include contact information either in the video or in the video description on YouTube so coaches can reach out if they accidentally stumble upon your video and like what they see.


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