Notre Dame Wins in OT, All the GIFs

Finger on the button for Notre Dame losing another game after scoring 10 goals. No luck.

Video from the UVA perspective.

Wait for the goofy Perkovic goal celebration.

Notre Dame struggled to defend UVA’s big little pick action at X. Wild finish on the crease after fighting through the initial check.


Dox Aitken now owns the freshman record for midfield scoring.


Head up so we can zip a pass to the crease for a multiple fake finish.


Perhaps the most technically impressive goal of the evening. Kraus is a freshman from Connecticut but we believe the announcers said he spent some time playing summer ball in Canada. Not sure if Carc had time to talk about anything other than Perkovic being a big time player in night games. Could be making up the fake news about Kraus.


Speaking of Perkovic, here is getting picked on quite literally by UVA.


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