NLL Top 5 Plays from Week 12, Some Further NLL Chat

Michigan alum Kyle Jackson makes two appearances. The #1 play is a stunner.

Buckle up for Mitch Jones in the Number 1 spot.

Basically a quick stick behind the back shot to secure #1.

A few years ago this blog wanted nothing to do with box lacrosse. ┬áNow, we can’t get enough of it. Watching 5th graders from New Jersey who said they went to camp in Canada was the single biggest turning point in our admiration/understanding for box. Having said that, our interest in the NLL has faded due to the league hiding games behind a pay wall. Lacrosse Network used to show games for free. Listen, if we download an app (Roku) and then pay for your games, it’s not going to happen. (Here’s a million word post about signing up for Lax Sports Net and we’ve only used it three times since.) Good to see top play videos are back. East Coast Dyes used to make them but they told us NLL raised their sponsorship fees so ECD bailed. This is our first time noticing String King’s sponsored NLL content, but they have apparently been working on it for sometime.

The NLL’s YouTube page is very underwhelming. They have posted seven videos in the last three weeks. Feels like they can do a lot more.


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