Nike Pushing Lacrosse Content Out of No Where

Just over a week ago, we noticed a very creative footwear promo from Nike. They dropped a second Thompson gang video a few days later. This one also features Kara Cannizzaro.


Is the lifespan/attention span of a professional lacrosse player long enough for a second tier company to heavily promote said athlete and jump into the rarefied air of the top companies?


Do consumers care about an individual athlete’s team success when it comes to aligning themselves with a product/company/athlete?

Nike Question:

Do they think there enough kids/consumers playing lacrosse to revamp their marketing strategy? When we say, revamp their strategy, we mean, actually trying to promote their products as they appear to to be trying to do this year?

Lacrosse, see field hockey, golf, and ice hockey are niche sports played by middle to upper class kids. Why the sudden interest in lacrosse?

True or False:

One Nike/Widen+Kennedy spot could transform attention on the sport.



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