Must See Presentations at LaxCon

LaxCon has been long been a gear flea market first and educational opportunity second. But, this year’s selection of speakers is their best effort yet and a step in the right direction. Our list of must see presentations.

The first ever LaxCon I went to, the coaching staff presenting said they were finalizing their speech the night before after returning from the bar. They used an overhead projector.

The next LaxCon I attended, featured an American MLL player trying to explain how to run the Canadian two man game.

Most recently, I watched a professional lacrosse player demo some workout contraption that looked more like painter’s scaffolding.

From an educational standpoint, the IMLCA convention has always been a greater value to me than LaxCon. Maybe watching a pro lacrosse player give a shooting demo is more important to you as a coach than sitting in on Lars Tiffany discussing man down or Ryan Polley breaking down how to defend the two man game.

But after three years of less than stellar experiences, the 2017 lineup is very encouraging perhaps because they’ve brought in seemingly more college coaches, which isn’t easy because college coaches want to prepare for their own seasons. Here’s the list of presentations that you need to prioritize over watching Rabil workout or a talk on “culture.”

Chuck Ruebling (Delbarton) Motion Offense for Youth & HS Teams

Over the last five seasons, Delbarton has finished 10th, 20th, 9th, 116th, 70th in the country on LaxPower. Might be useful to know what a New Jersey high school is doing at the youth level to prepare for national dominance at the high school level.

Brandon Childs (York) Adding Creativity to Your 6v6 Practice Plans

On April 13th, Salisbury defeated York 17-5. On April 30th, York handed Salisbury their only loss of the season 10-9. York’s season ended in the NCAA tournament after losing in overtime 7-6 to Gettysburg. Coach Childs has never had a losing season since he arrived at York in 2012.

Dave Huntley (Atlanta Blaze/Team Canada) Lacrosse by the Numbers VI

Wish they asked Huntley to speak at the IMLCA convention every year.

Tim Puls (Stevenson) Defensive Positioning and Schemes to Win Championships

After opening the season with a 3-4 record in which the Stangs allowed 53 goals in those losses, Stevenson rattled off twelve wins in a row before bowing to Cabrini in the tournament. Stevenson allowed double digit goals only twice during that win streak.

Full schedule here. Unfortunately, Ruebling and Childs are scheduled to speak at the same time. You may also want to consider Jeff Brameier (Darien), Rob Bordley (Landon), and Mike Daly (Brown), although, Daly’s presentation “The Next Chapter of Brown Lacrosse” sounds like a culture talk.

The 2017 iteration of LaxCon does appear to be their best yet.¬†As long as it doesn’t snow as much as it did last year.

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