MCLA Powers Swap Helmet Brands

First, Boulder. Now, State.

The Buffs recently unveiled Stallion helmets, which were largely pandered in the Instagram comments section. However, Colorado’s club program has close ties to the administration/school/athletics department so there’s reason to believe the Nike/STX connection came into play on this decision.

Not bad tilt on that Schutt helmet, eh?

Colorado State, a long time Warrior supporter, has switched from Warrior helmets to Cascade. Following the lines of logic above, perhaps CSU is jumping onto the HMS Under Armour full steam ahead. One would assume the MCLA’s Under Armour partnership has convinced several clubs to purchase the Baltimore based company’s hard gear. Would Under Armour tell a club team they needed to abandon Warrior helmets or did CSU make the decision on their own?

New buckets for 2017 season! 🐑

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Seems like the 2013 title was ages ago for the Rams. (That defense was terrifying in case you forgot.) Maybe a brand change is just the ticket they need to wake up the echoes.

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