MCLA Adding Shot Clock?

The best reason and the worst reason the top college club league should add it.

In the time it took us to start and publish this post, the MCLA has announced it will adopt a shot clock. Full release.

Anti MCLA Shot Clock Argument #0

MCLA teams are not well supported. There are a lot of teams shout “virtual varsity,” but if you don’t have an athletic trainer at practice, are you really varsity?

Giving the program one more thing to worry about on game day (the shot clock workin and someone to operate it) stresses me out beyond belief.

What happens when a team only has one shot clock for the field and it costs the team a critical possession because the ball carrier can’t see the one clock on field?

Update: Because of the late nature of the rule changes – the MCLA season opens on Feb. 2 – conferences will be able to pursue alternatives to a visible shot clock at venues that don’t support one for the 2019 regular season before they become mandatory in 2020. This will happen in conjunction with the respective conference assignor.

Anti MCLA Shot Clock Argument #1

The D1 final takes place a day after the semifinals. Don’t remember  the last compelling final. The kids are tired.

Now imagine the stress of MCLA tournament magnified by a shot clock. The kids will be more tired than they normally are or coaches will be forced to play more kids as the week rolls on. There’s a reason the bench is the bench.

Quality of play will decline.

Pro MCLA Shot Clock

One of the reasons not to add a shot clock in the MCLA is also a reason to add a shot clock.

More kids will play on game day.

It can be frustrating as a player if you are on a pay to play team and you don’t play on game days.

Every year at Indiana we had a revolving door of bench kids because it didn’t make sense to them to pay money not to play on game day.

If the shot clock speeds up the game like folks think it will, more bodies will be required to get through an MCLA weekend which is typically two and sometimes three games.

God bless shot clock lacrosse.

Let’s hope the game is changed for the better and everyone knows what they’re doing.

Just like they did when they thought a wider sub box and no shooting U’s would improve the game.


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