Is Box Lacrosse More Poised to Grow than Field?

Or, was box already cooler than field and we are just noticing it now?


Victoria Shamrock fans erupt in a 2017 WLA Finals game at home in front of another full arena. Victoria has the highest average attendance and number of season ticket holders in the league.


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  1. Xcelerate Lacrosse (@XcelerateLax) on 09/28/2017 at 11:49 AM

    I think box has always been cool and field is awesome as well. There is momentum for box lacrosse right now in the states due to the fact that it is fun and how it can improve your field game, but I think the love for field is still there. Box lacrosse is more of a grind where field has different offensive sets, slide packages, rides and clears. Field more like chess where box is more like checkers, which I enjoy both games myself!

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