IMLCA Convention Speakers List

Yikes. Stacked line up. As per usual.

The IMLCA Convention takes place this coming weekend in Baltimore. Take a ganderĀ at this group of presentations.

Joe Breschi, North Carolina

Featured Speaker Jon Gordon, Best-Selling Author

Gordon Purdie, Adelphi (Faceoffs)

Jim Berkman, Salisbury (Drills To Enhance Your Practice!)

Bill Wilson, Air Force Academy (Building DefenseMEN from the Ground Up)

Kevin Warne, Georgetown

Greg Gurenlian, The FaceOff Academy (Coaching the FO Position)

Brooks Singer, Catholic (“From Routine to Crisis: Succeeding in Today’s Coaching Environment”

Dom Starsia (Lessons I Have Learned Along The Way)

Hank Janczyk, Gettysburg (The Importance of Culture)

Steve Finnell, Garden City (Transition Drills)

Dave Cottle, Chesapeake Bayhawks (The Things I Learned Late In Life)

Ryan Moran, UMBC (Stickwork And Drills To Correct Bad Habits)

Assuming you’re coaching at a very high level high school or perhaps you’re an MCLA coach, this event is superior to the US Lacrosse Convention because it is more interested in X’s and O’s rather than being a giant trade show. (Doesn’t mean you can’t learn great things at the US Lacrosse Convention. Their line up of 2017 speakers is perhaps their best ever. Plan on being front and center for Coach Daly’s talk and skip the Rabil event. Ideally, you can go to both.)

IMLCA Convention walk up registration fee is $130.

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