I Miss the Old Sergio

The Go Off For Five Sergio.

Perkovic had a miserable junior campaign with 26 goals on 112 shots and only 4 assists. (Shout out that blog post we wrote about Sergio becoming a better passer than Rabil.) Somehow he was still named first team All American. Along with four other dudes but the team at In Your Face Laxcast has already shredded that decision.

Let’s go back to Memorial Day Weekends when Perkovic did play like a First Teamer if only for a half or a quarter.

The last goal against Denver is other worldly.

Two incredible performances marginally ruined by the announcers talking too much especially during the Denver game.

When does ESPN abandon the two man booth with the sideline commentator doubling as the color guy? Just too many voices. You don’t hear the sideline reporter immediately after touchdowns. Strange move.

Shout out spider cam.


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