Here’s Duke Scoring a Billion Goals Against Marquette

Meanwhile, Maryland’s offense looked terrible in the second half against Ohio State and Connor Fields is injured again.

Post Script: Love the Schutt/STX Rival helmet.

The issue with defending the two man game isn’t the on ball defending but rather what’s happening off ball. Instead of the traditional one man long dodge with five defenders being ready to help, you only have four help defensemen. There’s more room for the off ball offensive players and a smaller margin for error for the defense. Here Duke shreds the back side after a miscommunication at X.

It is a lot easier to run two man game offense on the field if you play box lacrosse this winter. The 2018-2019 campaign marks the fifth season of the 412 Elite Box Travel Program. Athletes from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, and Canada have played with the team. Program members have gone on to D1, D2, and D3 programs. Evaluations begin in July. Click here to register. Already have one 2020 registered from California.

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