Football Recruiting Sounds Wild

Lacrosse players going through the recruiting process, pay close attention to the first part of this post.

This is a Facebook post written by Mark Porter of Scouting Ohio. High school football recruiting is a much different world than lacrosse recruiting, but the first portion of this post should resonate with all lacrosse folks who think they have talent. The second portion covers how football recruits are wasting money during the recruiting process specifically by hiring a service to contact coaches on the player’s behalf.

There are two types of Division 1 recruits.

1. The kid who is so good you just have to watch his tape for 10 plays and offer him. This kid also passes the “look test” with a glance.

2. EVERYONE ELSE falls into this category. No early offer from a D1 college means you have to try-out at their camp. If you go to their camp and do well you may end up with a D1 offer.

99 percent of kids will fall into this second group. (Congrats if you fall into the 1st group, very easy process for you, you don’t need to read anymore of this advice)

So, for the 99 percent of you college recruiting is simply about picking the right COLLEGE camps over the summer.

This usually requires a mature conversation with your parents about your ability, your potential majors, and how far you are willing to travel away for college.

You need to pick 4-8 (maybe more) college camps and try-out for your scholarship. Let your talent do the talking and the chips will fall as they may. (You may be noticed by FCS D2 or D3 coaches at these camps also)

Most parents and kids NEVER have this mature discussion. Instead they throw money at the problem and make tons of mistakes..

1st Mistake – Desperate for exposure.
They go to meaningless camps that are NOT run by college coaches and do not award scholarships for your performance. They award you hype, t-shirts and promised exposure.

2nd Mistake
They Pay $1000 to National Companies Scamming All.

Let’s say you pay one of these scam companies to spam your video to 10,000 coaches. Let’s even say they call 25 coaches on your behalf.

It won’t change you being in the 2nd group, or the 99 percent.

So you paid $1000 to have someone tell you that you need to go to camp to get offered.

That means you paid $1000 to be in the exact same spot you were before you paid the $1000. No D1 offer, and have to get to college camps to try out for a scholarship.

Go have a mature conversation with your kid, Don’t pay these idiots

Can you imagine how much money a clueless, delusional lacrosse parent would be willing to spend for a recruiting service to shop around their kid’s highlight video.

Actually, there probably is someone already charging lacrosse parents for recruiting services.

“I will write a letter to the college coach pretending to be your son. I will even include misspelled words so the coach knows it is a real letter!”

Think you’re D1? Check out our flow chart to determine what school you should attend.


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