UPDATED: Florida 2020 Commits to Syracuse

Just a few weeks after D1 coaches ask the NCAA for reform, this happens.

Via Florida Lacrosse News:

Caitlyn Wurzburger, a 2020 attack at American Heritage-Delray, has verbally committed to Gary Gait and Syracuse University. Caitlyn was named to the Sun-Sentinel “All-Palm Beach team last season as a 7th grader. She becomes the first Florida Select player to commit.

Predictably, folks reacted poorly to the news on FLN Facebook page:

“Does she know her senior prom date as well?”

“Ok, no offense, but that is just downright stupid! She is in 8th grade!”

She is also one of the top players in the country.”

“I don’t care if she is the Queen of Sheba, she’s in 8th grade. Committing to a college when you haven’t even take Algebra yet makes absolutely no sense.”

Fairly certain we were using letters as numbers in our 8th grade math class. Not sure if that was algebra though.

The people that complain about early recruiting probably have a child who isn’t good enough to play a D1 sport.


How much longer do we wait for a 2020 lad to commit?

March 18, 2016: Long Island 8th grader commits to Penn State

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