First Round Gear Notes

Gear update from the most excited weekend of D1 lacrosse.

After losing in their red chrome helmets in the Big Ten title game, Maryland opted for their white helmets against Robert Morris. The Colonials led at half before losing the second frame 11-5.

Speaking of the Colonials, they were the lone team in the tournament sporting Cascade R helmets. RMU has worn Under Armour gloves for the past few seasons. They were acknowledged by the brand’s Instagram account for the first time ever last week.

RMU’s face off man used the new StringKing rig.

Cascade released matte navy helmets out of no where. Georgetown, Richmond, and Villanova lost. Yale advanced so we’ll get at least one more week of these beauties.

Syracuse continued their long standing tradition of wearing new gear for the post season and losing immediately. Cuse finished the season losing three of their last four games with all three losses by one goal.

STX/Schutt (Cornell) and Warrior (Denver) each have one team left wearing their helmets.

Cascade may be updating Factory Custom with the new helmet finishes soon.

Keep an eye on Art Or Lax Instagram for screen shots of the new gear leaking onto MLL and D1 fields.

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