Developing the Weave

The part-whole method to develop your three man weave out of an open set.

In 2017 we pivoted to an open set with with a three man middie weave as our primary motion. We were fortunate to have two lefties to to mix in on our first and second lines to keep our dodging points balanced.

I recall a coach trying to walk his defense through a particular portion of the weave. Certainly he was right that one thing was about to happen, but with our action we always had a forward and backwards option that comes with the weave.

We used a lot of 3 man shooting drills and repped out 3v2s almost everyday. Now in the fall of 2018, I have a better idea how I would have installed the weave starting with this passing drill.

2v0 Shallow Cut Install

Being able to Shallow Cut is a critical skill. Players have to be comfortable both moving without the ball and being aware of an open teammate when carrying.

2v0 Shallow Cut passing – throw the ball to a teammate, get it right back, carry as they clear space, but both athletes should be looking at each other until they cross in the middle, mix in a pass fake

I would go so far as to upgrade that passing drill to our Live Action Passing Drill so the dodger gets comfortable making the throwback pass while covered.

2v0 Shallow Cut shooting – throw the ball clear space, wing player carries over the top and throws back for a step down shot.

When the team is comfortable executing this shooting drill then you’re ready to try 3v0 shooting, 3v2 live and 3v3 before jumping up to 6v6.

3v0 Shooting

We did 3v0 shooting drills that replicated the different variations of the shots the weave generated in practice and as a shooting warm up on game day to reinforce the off ball motions.

You’ll want two ball piles so there are two shots every rep instead of three people moving and just one shooter shooting. Typically the off ball guy is going to check out in a shooting drill. You don’t want two players checking out every rep in pregame.

In the first clip, the wing middie transfers ball 1 ofter to the opposite wing for a step down shot. A coach throws ball 2 in for the middie that shallow cut for his step down shot.

In the second clip, the wing middie throws the ball back to the middie that shallow cut while a coach throws in ball 2 to the far wing player for his step down shot.

3v2 Shallow Cut

Add two defenders. We liked to go a big and a little every other rep, typically throwing the face off middies in there as the DMs.

The man advantage will allow the offense to see the open look right away.

Hidden bonus: the defense learns how to play man down thus improving communication and understanding of rotations.

Now you’re better prepared to actually run the weave in 6v6.
Our upgraded weave included layering in a “set look” after so we’d use the weave as window dressing to convince the defense the “won the weave” and then we’d hit them with a pass down pick down or sweep.

This clip is from fall 2017 after a spending the spring season repping the weave and another fall ball testing it out with new personnel. Both club teammates are also school teammates so the throwback was fairly second nature thanks to inherent chemistry.

Fairly aggressive low to high shot from the off side but we were up big and that particular shooter loves slinging it hands free regardless of score.

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