D3 Blog: Part V

Denison. Roanoke. Ithaca. Aurora. Fontbonne. Ohio Wesleyan. Illinois Wesleyan.

Denison Over Roanoke

Nice bounce back win against a quality opponent after dropping the season opener at home to W&L.

Aurora Drops 30 on Fontbonne, 23 on Monmouth

Fontbonne has a long road back after taking a break from offering an NCAA program. Doesn’t help that they faced an Aurora team fresh off a 16-2 loss to York.

Rooting hard for friend of the blog Andrew Routt with first year program Monmouth.

You’re Not a Real State if You Don’t Have a Wesleyan

Bishops roll. Illinois Wesleyan scored with 0:17 on the clock to win 19-18.

Ithaca Season Preview

Some solid drone action.

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