D3 Blog: Part IV

Ohio Wesleyan. Messiah. Hampden-Sydney. Christopher Newport. Mary Washington. Albright. Stevens Tech. Endicott.

Bishops Win 8-7 After Plane Ride to New York

Couple Yinzers make appearances in this film, both on and off the field.

Hampden Sydney Wears Matte Grey Helmets in 13-10 Win

Previously, HSC wore matte maroon Warrior helmets with STX gloves so…maybe matte grey Cascade helmets are an improvement.

Stevens Over Endicott 14-11

First shot of the highlight package is absolutely cooking.

Albright 13 Mary Washington 7

Fun fact: once went to a summer camp at Mary Washington. Believe it was staffed exclusively by Mary Washington and Wingate coaches and players.

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