Could Pitt Add Lacrosse?

Here’s a terrible Twitter rumor.

Via Cardiac Hill:

Finally, keep this as food for thought. But while Pitt doesn’t have a scholarship lacrosse program right now, despite being in the ACC where that sport is played, you wonder if/when that’s coming. As mentioned last year, Pitt is building a domed facility for lacrosse (recreational) and the soccer teams. One thing I hadn’t heard talked about much was the fact that Lyke was the first female Chair of the Men’s NCAA Lacrosse committee. I would be interested to know more about her ties to that sport and if that was something that stood out to Pitt. Barnes previously said the school wasn’t interested in adding more scholarship sports right now but, eventually, adding lacrosse just makes sense.

No idea who Justin W. is but here are three solid reasons Pitt could be better at lacrosse than they are at basketball.

  1. Oakland, a neighborhood outside of downtown Pittsburgh, is only 5 hours away from Toronto. Not a hard commute for Canadians looking for a big time university. Pitt facilities/academics easily pull friendly Northerners away from traditional mid tier Canadian hot spots Bellarmine and Robert Morris.
  2. Baltimore is four hours away. Not a hard commute for MIAA kids looking for a bigger campus than Towson, Mount St. Mary’s, and Loyola.
  3. In state tuition to attract Philadelphia athletes.

Two reasons not to add lacrosse:

  1. Participation in the sport has reached capacity in the surrounding area. If you pull up broken, unfair, paywall, sad LaxPower you’ll find that there are only 47 Western PA schools offering the sport at the varsity level. A few of those schools are in Erie or well outside the city. There isn’t a high school in Pittsburgh that could add the sport and be great at it. While football concussion scares may be driving kids away from that sport, no community in Pittsburgh is fielding in house lacrosse little league. Ask Robert Morris how many people they get for home games. Ask the MLL how many people they got for their test game with the Chicago/Hamilton Machine/Nationals. Oakland is a neat part of town but it is not convenient to get in and out. I’ve only gone to one Pitt basketball game as non student and that was before I attended the school. Pitt lacrosse would play in the same area as the hoop team. Why would Pitt add a non revenue generating sport that isn’t super popular in this area?
  2. In case you haven’t noticed, Pitt doesn’t belong in the ACC basketball conference. Adding lacrosse sets them up to be the league door mat for…forever. Or, until Louisville or Georgia Tech added.


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