Behind the Scenes: Marketing the Warp

Interesting look at how Fair Folk, the marketing team behind the Warp launch, approached the release.

Warrior, New Balance’s lacrosse brand, approached us with an exciting and challenging task: to launch a 360 degree campaign for the most innovative product in the sport of lacrosse in over 30 years. The product being so revolutionary, Warrior knew it would receive plenty of backlash, and so we prepared for that – in fact, our plan was to encourage and embrace every reaction, from love to hate. By supporting all sides of the conversation, we were able to lead it, and eventually to steer it… As the campaign has developed, we’ve seen the conversation around the product turn from resistance, to skepticism, to curiosity, and finally to acceptance and adoption. Our creative included everything from a TV spot to branding to experiential design.

Not sure the Warp has been accepted or adopted on a national scale yet. Read our review here.

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