Another Warrior Warp Review

Gave the Warp another test run.

Our initial review can be found here.

Disclaimer: Warrior did not send this to me. I purchased the Low Pocket Warp myself. Might have paid $275 or so including two shooting strings. Wasn’t thrilled…at all…but curiosity got the better of me and I hadn’t been out on the town for three months so there was some extra scratch around.


  1. It hit off the plastic almost every throw which is so problematic for me because I’ve always associated with hitting plastic as a sign of a poorly strung stick.
  2. Of course, it doesn’t hit plastic every time. The first night I used it outside of the store was in Erie, Pennsylvania. I was aware of the clicking which didn’t disappoint anymore because I knew to except it. However, one or two passes had no feeling. Again this may have been because I was in Erie and it was cold or it may have been because of the pocket. (Greg from ECD discusses the pocket shape in more detail below.)
  3. It took me another couple of days to build up the courage to try a low to high shot. It didn’t go as high as I wanted. Didn’t try another attempt. One or two throws during goalie warm up did sail for no reason other than the pocket shape which again will be discussed in greater technical detail below.
  4. Never going to dump it in water and then try to throw with it.
  5. Bummed out when the stick got dirty especially given the price. Just feel like it depreciates in value faster than white compression shorts.
  6. The throat screw is troublesome. The instructional pamphlet says something along the lines of…Keep screwing it in until it stops. It will take awhile. If it doesn’t stop turning, you screwed it in wrong. I screwed it for a long time on the bus ride up to Erie. I did not use the traditional head screw because the hole wasn’t prepped. (You’ll need a power drill.) A few days later, the head flew off during practice.
  7. Interestingly enough, the head removed itself from the shaft because one of the fingers had broken not because the screw had loosened. I would have preferred the later so I could have tightened the locking mechanism and continued using the Warp. Com Lax was nice enough to order a replacement head. This occurred within a week of purchasing.
  8. Com Lax received the replacement head rather quickly but I have not picked it up yet. Might be on the to do list for today but I know we are practicing on grass and I’m unwillingly to use the stick on grass for fear that it will immediately get dirty. A fellow coach on staff referred to The Warp as “The Diaper,” which may be another reason as to why I haven’t rushed to pick up the replacement.
  9. There is some sticker shock which will undoubtedly scare the majority of people away. If they can find a way to make a cheaper version it should be the go to stick for every youth player. You get a better pocket than every factory strung/entry level stick ever made. I still remember the first time I bought my first high end head. I raced home after dropping $100+, took it out to the front of the house, and the first throw spiked into the ground. Just a helpless feeling for someone who didn’t know how to string sticks or adjust pockets. If Warrior offered them at a group rate, I would consider purchasing them our youth teams. These sticks can’t have too much whip and the lower hold levels force people to move their feet to protect the ball rather than rely on the pocket depth or whip. Youth players are obsessed with hold so they can throw box fakes when they’re in the back of a line drill line. We don’t need that. We need them to be able to throw passes at each others faces not slam the ball into the ground because there is too much whip. I imagine there are youth parents out there who are terrified of a stringing a stick or adjusting the pocket that would be willing to purchase a one time head.
  10. Not willing to add a shooter or nylon to the pocket as some have done. Just feel like that would compromise the pocket immediately.
  11. This is a good start. It’s not perfect. Not putting Rabil ont he marketing didn’t help.

Greg crushed it with this video review. And by crushed it, I mean he mentioned a lot of the notes above.

Shout out to 5280_lacrosse for putting us on the ECD review.

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