All Stars at Amplify's Midwest Exposure

The best talent at the Midwest Exposure event held at University School in Milwaukee and under the direction of Marquette and Amplify Lacrosse.

Team Midwest


Carson Sutton (Amplify Elite)

Johnny Moran (Corsairs)


Rory McGuire (East Ave)

Andrew Difrancesco (TC Select Red)

Hunter Holcomb (Team 36)

Sam White (Indy Elite)

Jack Mehojah (Amplify Select)


Logan Krienz (Amplify)

Ben Koesters (MN Select Gold)

Jackson Lochan (MN Chill 18)

Jonny Licau (Legends 17)

Christian Tapia (New Wave Volt)

Chris Hagerman (MN Chill)


Quentin Matsui (TC Select Red)

Trey Mobley (East Ave)

Zach Carter (Grays Lake North)

Daniel Dickerson (New Wave Ion)

Liam Houlihan (New Wave Ion)

Face Off:

Chris Thomas (TC Select Red)


Team Exposure


Ryan Prylinski  (East Ave)

Ryan Johnson (MN Chill 2018)


Cole Herder (MN Chill 2018)

Dan McMahon (New Wave Ion)

Connor Nadeau (MN Select Gold)

Emerson John (Amplify Elite)

Justin Lockwood (True)


Danny Welsh (East Ave)

Luke Bloedow (Team 36)

Noah Tobias (New Wave Ion)

Jake Maibucher (East Ave)

Mitchell Burkhart (Rams Lax)

Tucker Tasker (Rams Lax)

Will Vincent (Amplify Elite)


Quintin Arnett (Amplify)

Dmitri Roth (MN Select Gold)

Joshua Stair (Corsairs)

Colin Asher (Team 36)

Nick Porfilio (Amplify)

Face Off:

David Brooks



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