5 Star Football Recruits Do Battle

Be thankful these 2017s don’t play lacrosse.

Despite the silly name, The Opening is widely considered the top football combine in the country. Here the number one and number two ranked players in the class get together for a little competition.

Can you imagine this scenario at a lacrosse camp? Lacrosse athletes get nervous before an all star game. This drill puts you and an opponent in front of the entire camp.

Dylan Moses was offered by LSU after he finished 7th grade. He is scheduled to visit Alabama, Miami, Texas, UCLA, and Ohio State this fall.

The 6’2″ 220lb Najee Harris is committed to Alabama.

What 1v1 lacrosse match up do you want to see at summer camp? Speaking of Alabama, probably need Ty Xanders to help us with those fantasy match ups.

Also, college football is better than pro football.

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