4 Must See Presentations at the 2018 IMLCA Convention

The coaches association event kicks off this Thursday.

Last year’s IMLCA wasn’t that great because of a litany of presentations about building team culture. Perhaps that’s what college coaches are interested but high school coaches are thirsty for drills and tactics. This year they almost tripled the number of speakers. The culture talks remain but oddly enough we couldn’t find one face off presentation.

Anywho…we are looking forward to the following topics this coming weekend.


8:30PM Dave Huntley, Atlanta Blaze, Team Canada
Topic: 3 Man Games and General Offense/Defense Concepts for Indoor Game

Sadly no additional details but after missing Huntley at a previous convention this is a front row presentation for us.


7:00PM John Galloway, Jacksonville
From in the Net to the Back of the Net: A Goalie’s Perspective to Coaching Offense

The transition from playing goalie in Syracuse University, coaching a defense at Providence College, and now coaching the offense at Jacksonville University. The positive takeaways from coaching each position.


11:00AM Frank Fedorjaka, Bucknell
Riding – Is it Worth the Time? Risks, Rewards, Culture

I will be talking about the risks and rewards involved with riding. My thoughts on how to ride and what kind of rides a coach can employ. Is riding worth it? The higher the level of lacrosse, the more difficult it is to ride effectively. There is a sliding scale in terms of talent that you have vs the talent of the clearing team. Are they vulnerable to pressure? Can you put the pressure on?


9:00AM Nick Myers, Ohio State
Keynote – The Buckeye Blueprint as it Relates to Box Lacrosse Training

The focus will be ways that we, as coaches, can use a cultural Blueprint as an assessment tool for any aspect of our program. The example that I will unpack in my talk is Box Lacrosse. How does Ohio State use box lacrosse training to build a stronger field team and brotherhood. Using the Buckeye Blueprint I will break down ways we have trained our men’s spirit, mind and body to respond above the line in a box environment. The R factor, that Tim Kight shares Saturday, will be front and center in my message along with applicable ways that the Buckeye Lacrosse program has used the training to make us stronger while playing box lacrosse.

Legitimately kid on Christmas morning giddy about these speakers and topics.

If you’re attending IMLCA this weekend and want to be featured on our upcoming podcast, please fill out this form. We are interviewing both coaches and industry folks for two podcast series to drop beginning January 1 if not sooner.

Classic Convention Tips from a Janaury 2015 Post

  • If your high school is paying for your convention ticket and travel expenses, you owe it to them to be present physically and mentally for every presentation.
  • If you paid your own way, you owe it to yourself to be present physically and mentally for every presentation.
  • Sit by yourself or away from friends during presentations otherwise you will be tempted to talk to them. Avoid distractions.
  • You never know who will be sitting nearby. Be the guy that has extra pens.
  • Driving home hungover is miserable. Take it easy Saturday night. (On top of not being able to pay attention to Sunday morning presentations.)

Register here if you’re interested in attending the convention.

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