2017 Marks Nine Years of Blogging

In case you’re new, here’s what you missed.

We’ve covered the following topics extensively at some point since inception:

  • Gear
  • Pitt’s MCLA program
  • Indiana’s MCLA program
  • The MCLA
  • Pittsburgh high school
  • Disdain for Notre Dame football, Penn State, Al Ovechkin’s compete level

Some of the Top Viewed Posts of All Time

Recruiting Tips (Back in 2014, Ty Xanders said this was our best post ever)

Five Mindset Tips for Attackmen

Is this School Appropriate for my List?

Drone Owner Complains When Lacrosse Player Chucks Balls at Drone

Damaged Ohio State STX Helmet

Why the Warrior Warp Warp Launch is a Disaster

The Warp post is our most viewed post of all time. Ironically, no one is a bigger fan of what the Warp could do for the game than us.

What’s Relatively New

We created the Pittsburgh Highlight Tapes page and the Pittsburgh Recruiting Center page to help track and promote Yinzers interested in playing at the next level. More players from Pittsburgh are playing in college and they deserve the publicity. What happens with the forced split in 2017 to AAA and AA divisions could be very interesting for the future of Pittsburgh lacrosse. Stay tuned.

What’s Coming

The first ever 412 Lax post was a video blog explaining the reason for starting said blog. At the time, no one that we knew about was really talking about the MCLA outside CollegeLax.us forums. Somewhere along the way, we went away from video. The original 412 medium is coming back for 2017.

We’ve already started to share the RD412XO Playbook, a joint effort with Ryan Danehy of In Your Face Lax, former Dartmouth and Michigan assistant coach. Our hope is that we are driving lacrosse drills, plays, and tactics way ahead of line drills and 1-4-1 mumbos.

Thank You

To all the long term readers.

To all the friends I’ve made and met both in real life and in the virtual world.

And, of course, thank you to the LAS team of Connor Wilson and Jeff Brunelle for picking me up in Year 2. Might not still be crafting this mildly acidic blog without those convincing me someone other than my mother was reading.

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