About the Pod

To kick off our tenth year as a B-List lacrosse talking head, we added a podcast, which of course everyone is doing now. We've thought about it for awhile but in the interest of transparency the technical side of podcasting was terrifying which is another way of saying we're not crazy about the sound of our own voices and didn't want to be in your heads. Our podcast will be slightly different than other lacrosse podcasts in that we are going to drop one episode everyday...all the time. It will take us awhile to get in rhythm and/or tweak the existing scheduling so expect a mix of coaches interviews and industry interviews ranging between 20-45 minutes until we're set. Even though the first thirty episodes may be very stressful on our end, we are committed to improving the audio quality and content heading into the next thirty episodes and the next thirty and the next thirty. There will be ads, but we'll never take money from Blue Apron, because we don't want to say mango chutney on the air. We've invested a tiny amount of monthly funds into podcasting resources, because, to paraphrase a Philadelphia super fan, the podcast is our baby, it's it, baby.

About the blog


1a. Pronounced four one two, never four twelve

1b. Pittsburgh area code

1c. If we had known we were going to move so much, we wouldn't have called it 412

2. 412 Lax begin in January 2009 in a house in Shadyside, Pennsylvania. The aim was to discuss the MCLA beyond what the CollegeLax.us forums provided as well as to document the 2009 Pitt Panthers season. Shortly thereafter, we begin sharing opinions about lacrosse gear. When the MCLA season ended, we kept talking about lacrosse. Lacrosse All Stars was kind enough to pick up the blog after that first season. We went rogue for the 2013 season. Did not run a blog for the 2014 season, but continued to contribute posts for LAS as well as manage 412 social media channels. After spending the last ten months listening to podcasts, we were inspired to restart the blog for the 14/15 season. A podcast may be coming.

3. If you’ve been following this blog since the early days, you know we are a big fan of the royal we. There is in fact only one person who runs 412 Lax.